Nolia Karriär

Nolia Karriär is Northern Sweden's fair for education and recruitment. The exhibition visits four cities in Northern Sweden. Together the region represent 60 percent of Sweden's area. 2500 estimated visitors at each location.

Nolia Karriär gives you the chance to meet tomorrow's students and coworkers in Northern Sweden. Our exhibitors are companies, industries, organizations, higher education such as universities but also other forms of schools and educators. 

Thanks to cooperation with the region's schools, our events is visited by all students who attend the final year of upper secondary school, Sweden's education for students aged 18-19. In addition, many adults come to Nolia Karriär thanks to cooperation with, among other Arbetsförmedlingen, the Swedish Public Employment Services. 

Price Piteå - Umeå - Östersund 2021

(min.6 sqm)
Example: stand 6 sqm (3x2), environmental fee , booking fee including power outlet 230V, white panel walls (height 250 cm), grey carpet, 1 bar table with cover, 1 bar chair.
Price 10 948 SEK
All prices excluding VAT

If you want to book another booth size or other equipment, please contact us.  

Price Sundsvall 2021

1 module  
3x2 sqm (no walls) 
Booking fee including power outlet 230V, grey carpet, 1 table, 1 chair and wifi. 
Price 9 200 SEK/module 
If you wish to book two or more modules add 7 300 SEK/module. 
All prices excluding VAT

To facilitate your participation

To facilitate your participation we offer goods and passenger transport between the fairs. 
Piteå to Umeå - goods and passenger transport 
Umeå to Östersund - goods transport 
Östersund to Sundsvall - goods and passenger transport 


If you book a booth in our four fairs, you receive 1900 SEK discount. 

Interested in a stand at Nolia Karriär?

Lena Hernell,, +46 (0)90 888 86 09